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Help Me Get Out of Debt, Please!

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Greetings All! Welcome to my page. I have gotten to a point in my life where I am actually asking the general population for financial assistance. I graduated college in January of 2000 thinking that I was SO marketable now that I had a B.S. degree. Oh how wrong I was! In reality, all I had was $32,000 worth of debt, a car on its last legs, and a dream of what life "should" be like. Since then, my car died and I am barely making the payments each month on the new one, school loans expecting repayment, I am living in a friend's spare room (have to be out by March 1st), and endless other bills. Did I mention that I cannot find a job? I had to charge groceries on my credit card so that I wouldn't starve to death.  I eat spaghetti and rice almost every meal.  I cannot afford prescription drugs that I need to take so my health is failing as well.  I have no health insurance. I will probably be homeless unless by some stroke of luck I find a job by February, but even then I would need to save up enough to have firt month's rent, last month's rent, plus security deposit.  Hardly likely.  My bills alone will take at least half of a normal salary.  Sounds glamourous, doesn't it? I write with a bit of sarcasm in order to disguise my truly depressed state. I have been trying to keep up with minimum payments but have not been making any money.  I have also searched high and low for a job, but the economy is terrible!   I have even tried selling off my personal possesions on ebay to get some extra money.  (Even sentimental family items)Please help me! Even a dollar or two will help, if you have it to spare! Thank you kindly, Kristen


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